Penpol Stars of the Week

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 5 – Rhys

Rhys is an absolute superstar! He loves to work and is always attentive, eager to settle down to work and produces work of a high standard in all subjects. His handwriting is perfect and he is incredibly polite, well behaved, sensible and reliable. He also has a lovely smile and has always got a sparkle in his eye. Very well done Rhys!

Mrs Daniels

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 13 – Joshua

I feel that Josh has come back with a great attitude after Easter. Always incredibly mannerly and personable, he has worked well for these first 4 days of term making great strides in his math’s and literacy work and contributing to class discussions with fantastic enthusiasm. Well-done Josh.

Mr Pollard

Class Stars of the Week

Class 1 – Lily 

Lily is our star of the week because she has done some amazing writing this week. She has concentrated really well in class and has improved massively with her reading. She gets on with her work, is linking sounds to letters and is attempting some complicated words. Well-done Lily!

Miss Aspden


Class 2 – Tacita

Tacita has shown a great development in her confidence and her determination to succeed. This week has seen Tacita really concentrate in lessons and as a result is a lot more focused. This has meant that Tacita is making big steps in her learning and socially. She has made huge progress within social aspect of school life too and is playing co-operatively with her peers. It’s been a pleasure to see this growth and the big smile on her face. Well-done Tacita.

Miss Simpson


Class 3 – Elijas

Elijas has come back after Easter with a renewed confidence in his learning. He has been producing some lovely writing and has been trying really hard with his speech and getting braver in class. On top of this he was the winner of the whole class in p.e during our throwing competition. Keep up the good work Elijas.

Mrs Rodda


Class 4 – Lula

Lula is class 4’s start of the week because she has been working really hard especially in her math’s work (counting in 5’s). It is lovely to see you enjoying school Lula. Your smile is infectious. Keep up the good work.

Miss Ryan


Class 5 – Dominick

Since joining Class 5 Dominick has grown in confidence. He never gives up and tries so hard to complete all the work set for him. Dominick is always happy and caring and the work he produces is getting better and better. Great job Dominick!

Mrs Daniels


Class 6 – Finn

The star of the week in Class 6 is Fynn Eatock. Fynn enjoys all aspects of school life, especially ‘Wake up and shake up’, where he is able to express his fun personality through a range of interesting dance moves. Fynn is a good listener and always completes his work to the best of his ability. Recently his great imagination enabled him to plan and write an interesting fantasy story about a dragon named ‘Flint’; create an adjective hat that assisted the children, in Class 6, with their vocabulary during the English lessons. Fynn also took it upon himself to learn an interesting poem over the Easter holidays, which he then recited to the class brilliantly.

Well done Fynn and keep up the hard work!

Mrs Ruffell


Class 7 – Freya

Freya has an excellent all round attitude to her work, always putting lost of effort into everything that she tackles. Freya is very helpful and is always offering to assist in class. Freya is able to contribute too all class lessons and is able to work at a most acceptable standard throughout all areas of study. Well-done Freya

Mrs Jane


Class 8 – Jamie 

Jamie has worked so hard over the last week of term and during the Easter holidays. He has made fantastic progress with his spellings and mental arithmetic. Most pleasing of all is the way he has embraced our Shakespeare project. Jamie learnt his lines in two weeks and has enjoyed the experience. Well-done.

Mrs Connors


Class 9 – Ellie 

Ellie always works really hard both in class and at home. She has done really well in maths and is on card 8 in 3 minute maths. Ellie will often bring in extra work from home relating to topics being studied in class. For example she writes stories and reports and she mad an amazing model of a Viking long ship.

Mrs Hamilton & Mrs Peck


Class 10 – Jude

Jude is one of the most colourful characters in Class 10 with infectious energy. He has learnt to harness this and really knuckle down over recent weeks. He has worked exceptionally hard to produce a wonderful mythical story as well as maintaining confidence in producing math’s work of a high standard. Keep up the good work Jude.

Mr Stanlake


Class 11 – George

George has worked hard recently on his maths, producing graphs and answering questions about them. He has worked hard on his Cornish Legends but I have been especially pleased with his improvement in his spelling test scores. George has worked hard on his spellings at how and shows a determination and desire to improve. Great work George.

Mr Little


Class 12 – Kieron 

Kieron is class 12’s star of the week this week. Keiron has worked really hard to improve his writing and has written a fantastic story about an abandoned clown. In math’s he has worked extra hard at school and at home and he is a deserving winner this week. Well-done kieron.

Mr Wise


Class 13 – Jake

Star of the week for class 13 is Jake Turner. Jake shows consistent effort and a desire to improve, leading to scoring 100% on 3 math’s papers consisting of 110 questions. A terrific all-rounder with a great personality. As well as this Jake had the unenviable task of looking after the class plants and making them flourish. He succeeded with two healthy plants returning to school this week.

Mr Pollard