Tess H & Chloe: Computing Stars of the Week

Mr Woolcock

Key Stage 1: Tess H (Class 6)

Tess has had a fantastic couple of terms in Computing, but this week she really demonstrated her brilliant sense of determination and persistence as well as her keen eye for helping others.  She not only completed her own work to the highest standard, she then offered to help her friends nearby who were finding it slightly trickier.  She’s always a pleasure to have in class and never faces a challenge in computing without a big smile on her face!  Well done Tess.

Key Stage 2: Chloe (Class 12)

Chloe excels when given a task in computing.  She always puts in 100% effort and her work speaks for itself.  She’s able to solve complex puzzles, design fantastic graphics and puts all of this together to complete any task that she’s been set.  She’s a fantastic example to other pupils in the class with her friendly, supportive personality.  She’s a real computing star and deserves the award for never giving up (and encouraging others to do the same!)  Well done Chloe.