Amazing Homework from Class 10

Mr Stanlake

The children in Class 10 been very busy with lots of excellent work being produced. Many of the children have taken their love for learning home and created some magnificent pieces of homework varying from research into our South American topic to building tudor catapults.


Casey has taken inspiration from the Tudor house models we made in class and produced her own at home out of cardboard boxes and card! It looks very authentic, well done!

Ines has created a picture using things that she wouldn’t usually use.  She has also been busy creating her own book full of facts about Henry VIII and his colourful love life. Meghan has taken inspiration for tudor painter Hans Holbein and painted a portrait of her mum in his famous style.


Lola has spent her spare time at home researching the South American country of Argentina and producing two pages of facts written into her own fact file which she shared with the class.

Harry and his tennis ball flying machine.

Harry, with the help of his dad, has built a working tudor catapult which he brought into school for us to test on the school field.

Harry isn’t the only budding young carpenter in Class 10. Jude has also been busy creating a working catapult with the help of his granddad.

 Both models were very effective!

I certainly would like you both on my side in battle!