Fish all over the ‘Plaice’

Miss Aspden


Maisie from Class 1’s Uncle Simon came in this week to tell us all about his job as a fisherman. He showed the children some pictures of his fishing boat and told us all about how they catch the fish.


We learnt about what fisherman wear and even had a chance at dressing up in the waterproofs.

We saw some fish and we touched some fish. My favourite part was trying on Uncle Si’s jacket – Maisie

We saw some amazing photos of a massive monkfish, common skate, a turbot, a hake, a 6 gill shark and learnt that crawfish are called squeakers by the crew because they rub their horns together and make a squeaky sound.

Simon also brought in some fish for the children to look at, handle, cook and eat. He bought in some John Dory, lemon sole, Cornish Megrim sole, gurnard, plaice and haddock. They learnt all about haddock have a ‘beard” called a barbel that help them catch their prey and they like to live near the bottom of the sea. They also learnt all about how flat fishes start out with eyes either side of their heads but as they develop they move to the top. We learnt that they too like to live at the bottom of the ocean along with the gurnard who rest on the ocean floor on their fins.

We saw little Jonny Dory – Harvey

We saw some flat fish – Amelia

Simon demonstrated his expert and knowledgeable skills at filleting the plaice in front of the children then cooked it for them to try. Every child in the class tasted a piece of plaice and most said it was delicious and went back for seconds.

Flat fish live at the bottom of the sea. Their eyes are on the top of their head – Louis

The plaice tasted like fish fingers – Miles

The beard of the fish is for sensing its food – Ethan