Class 1 are ‘Hands-on’ at Animal Vets, Hayle

Mr Doyle

Class 1 had an amazing time at the animal vets in Hayle this week. The children had a fantastic experience and learnt all about how the vets treat the sick and injured animals and what to do to look after and care for them.

Jonathon and Claire McCotter had set up 5 different areas that the children could explore and investigate.

The first area run by Patrick McCotter was all about farms and farming. He was brilliant with the children and they learnt about the different animals that live on a farm and the different produce we get such as meat, eggs and milk.

In another room, Jonathon and Claire showed the children some x-rays. The children were captivated as they talked about what the animals have inside their bodies and related it to what the children have inside their bodies. We looked at some x-rays of a tortoise with an egg inside her and another x-ray of a dog with a broken leg.

The children really enjoyed bandaging Chester’s “poorly” leg and tummy.

We saw a puppy and we bandaged up the puppy’s leg because it was broken. We looked at his bones on the iPad. It was an x-ray – Caitlyn

Sarina was in the operating theatre with an anaesthetised toy dog. She talked to the children about the equipment they use in the operating theatre and the children loved getting dressed in operating gowns, tunics, trousers along with gloves and face masks to re-enact some surgical


We fixed the animals with bandages, I put on a vet’s costume then fixed the dog. Rabbits eat carrots and cabbage the horses eat hay, the cows eat grass, the cats and dogs eat cat food and dog food – Corben

Carly was in the examination room with a menagerie of animals that the children could get up close to. They learnt all about ferrets, rats, cats, dogs and rabbits. The children were encouraged to touch and stroke the animals and were taught how to handle the animals correctly.

We looked animals, I liked the ferret. I liked stroking the animals the best. I stroked a rat and a ferret and a bunny they were fluffy and funny – Penny

Keri was in another examination room with Poppy the dog. The children were told all about how to keep a dog healthy and how to tell if a dog is becoming unhealthy. They had a go at listening to Poppy’s heart beat with the stethoscope, weighed her and had a go with the scanner to check she was microchipped.

Finally, Tamsin showed the children different types of food the animals eat and tried to get the children to work out which food was for which animal. She talked about a healthy diet and related it to the children’s own experience.

I really enjoyed it. We looked at lots of animals and learnt how to fix them and look after them. My Mummy and Daddy work there – Ethan

The whole morning was amazing. We would like to thank the whole team at the Animal Vets for this incredible opportunity and for all their effort and hard work that went into making our visit run so smoothly. We learnt so much from this wonderful experience.