Class 8 Visit Geevor Tin Mine

Miss Nidds

Class 8 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Geevor Mine this week as part of their rocks and soils and Local History topic. After travelling to the mine by bus and getting our hard hats on, we were ready for an exciting day ahead!

The first stop in our visit was to the rock challenge. As part of their visit, the children were tested on their knowledge of sedimentary and igneous rocks and their properties. They were able to show off how much they had learnt by successfully completing several rock challenges using scales, magnifying glasses and magnets. All the adults commented on how brilliant the children’s knowledge about rocks was!

The children all had a great tour of Geevor provided by Clint and Mark and really enjoyed the chance to get hands on. The class enjoyed smashing rocks into smaller pieces just like Bal Maidens would have done and loved the demonstrations of the shaking tables.

After their tour, the group all sat down together to enjoy mo’sle (or lunch!) with some children recreating a traditional miner’s lunch by bringing a pasty! Following lunch, the children had the opportunity to explore The Mill and towards the end of the day, the class was given the opportunity to pan for gold. Although the water was very cold, everyone seemed very pleased with the treasures that they had found at the end of the day!

Finally, the children were given the opportunity to venture underground into the mine in the dark and get the chance to experience what life would have been like for real miners. Lots of the children commented on how great the experience had been and how they would like to come back to visit Geevor at some point in the future!