Brodi & Jake: Computing Stars of the Week

Mr Woolcock

Key Stage 1: Brodi (Class 6)

Brodi has recently found a whole new sense of confidence using ICT.  He is now confidently writing code and making robots without help, which was something he felt unable to achieve just a few short weeks ago.  He is able to instruct other friends who are finding it a little harder and is sensible enough to work independently as well.  He is also really enjoyed the coding side of things this year and it is easy to see that his interest in this will continue to develop and expand over the years to come.  Well done Brodi.

Key Stage 2: Jake (Class 10)

Jake is always first with his hand up, always first to offer to help and always polite and patient when in the Mac Suite.  He has spent a great deal of time learning how to write code using Scratch and and has become confident enough to help others who are unsure.  Recently he has been creating some exciting and imaginative robotic creations with our new Lego WeDo sets and is yet again happy to help others in his class who are stuck.  His enthusiasm and skills in Computing are admirable and his desire to develop further will see him soar in this subject.  Well done Jake.