Class 1 and 2 Dear Zoo dance show.

Miss Aspden

Class 1 and 2 were amazing this week during their Dear Zoo dance show. Georgia was great at remembering the words to the Hakuna Matata and was confident to open the show with a solo.

The lions from class 2 roared their way through the opening of the show to the lion king and demonstrated their tail swishing and hunting moves perfectly.

The bees from class 1 got ready to bumble next. They buzzed there way around on stage and showed off their skills as worker bees, dancing in a figure of eight and even buzzing around the queen bee.

I liked the buzzy bee dance because I liked it, I smile, I danced by myself with Piran, I did the rolling ball – Jenna

Next we had class 2 boys as naughty monkeys swinging their way onto stage. The funky monkeys jumped, hopped and swung around in fabulous unison.

The perfect penguins from class 1 waddled on next and danced the Charleston amazingly. Lylie, Imogen and Safi  where delightful with their dazzling solos.

I liked the penguin dance best because I liked doing the dance moves – Maisie

The beautiful butterflies from class 2 fluttered on with grace and poise. The elegant girls glided delicately across the stage and showed the audiences their remarkable ballet moves.

The raving elephants really brought the house down with their funny and synchronised dances moves. The boys from class 1 really enjoyed the elephant dance and remembered every dance move perfectly.

Class 1 and 2 ended their dance show with a party to car wash from a Shark’s Tale. The children loved performing for their parents and did an astonishing job at remembering all the dance moves. Piran and Sienna were brave and did an amazing job at narrating our story.

I liked the penguin dance, we went up cute, we went side to the side for our heads – Amelia