Reuben & Connor: Computing Stars of the Week

Mr Woolcock

Key Stage 1: Reuben (Class 6)

Reuben is incredibly interested in everything to do with technology, from creating code to finding facts online, Reuben is the person to ask if ever you need help.  Last week he explained, flawlessly, exactly what the internet is and how it works.  That’s not a simple concept to explain!  He’s also excelled at building the Lego WeDo robots in our lesson this week and was in one of the first groups to successfully build and write code to control Milo the Rover Robot.  He has clearly got a huge amount of enthusiasm for Computing and this love of learning is going to help him discover many, many new skills and talents in the future.


Key Stage 2: Connor (Class 12)

Connor is one of the most enthusiastic and helpful Year 6 children in Computing.  He helps run Code Club every week, helps the children who get stuck with their 3D modelling and has this week had his own 3D model of a computer printed out in incredible detail.  He’s currently exploring new programs to code apps and games, as well as creating his own web pages in Dreamweaver.  Well done Connor and thank you for all your help.