Year 5 Hit the High Seas

Mr Stanlake

To help with their topics of ‘The Tudors’ and ‘Exploration’ our Year 5 pupils spent the day the the Maritime Museum in Falmouth.

Over recent weeks the children have spent time looking at Tudor life, clothing, schooling, food, dress and Henry VII and his famous family whilst also taking a look into the entertainment, crime and punishment from the Tudor period.

This term’s work has now begun to move more towards geography and the Americas, or the New World as it was once known. The children have enjoyed studying the great galleons of the time including the Mary Rose and the Golden Hind whilst also looking in depth at Sir Francis Drake and his famous circumnavigation.

Many people see Henry VIII as the greatest or most memorable Tudor monarch however we felt as a class Elizabeth I deserved a notable mention. Reigning from 1558-1603 she oversaw a monumental swing in the power our country possessed. The children learnt a lot about her at the museum and how the world was explored, with sailors and privateers returning with exotic spices, eastern cloths and Spanish gold.

No trip is complete without a bit of customary ‘dressing up’. During the workshops about life on board a Tudor galleon the children learnt about the living conditions and eating arrangements. Meghan and Holly  had the opportunity to be dressed in full Tudor costume. All 5 layers!

The children also tried their hands at sailing, albeit by remote control. A fun activity where the children learnt about letting the sail out or pulling it in and also how to operate a rudder.