Class 8 are Rock Stars!

Mrs Connors

Since half term, children in class 8 have been investigating rocks and soils as part of their science work. This has involved the class getting hands on with different rocks and scientifically observing the properties of the rocks (their texture, their permeability and their look). After some careful scientific observations, the children had a go at drawing their rocks in detail to show off the different properties.

I enjoyed getting the chance to look closely at the rocks and draw them – Harry

The class have been required to think about how the rocks have formed and in doing so have been building up their scientific language word banks with words such as igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Using their new words, they have been applying their knowledge around the school, looking at how the school building was made as well as designing their own building using different rocks.

 I like learning about rocks because I’ve been collecting them at home for a long time – Joe

‘I enjoyed looking at the tin’ – Jake

Class 8 will be visiting Geevor Tin Mine in a few weeks as part of their science work and prepared for their trip with a visit from Clint from Geevor Mine. The class was given the chance to look at lots of artefacts and even dress up as miners and bal maidens. They enjoyed a fantastic talk from Clint and are all eagerly looking forward to the trip in 2 weeks time!

 I liked being able to hold the dynamite and dressing up! – Joel

‘I really enjoyed Clint visiting our class. It made me look forward to going to Geevor’ – Ronnie