Class 4 visit the Fire Station in Hayle

Miss Ryan

The children in Class 4 are learning about the Great Fire of London, so we decided to research about fire fighting today to compare it with fire fighting in the past. They visited the fire station in Hayle and met fire fighter Chris. They found out lots of interesting things about how fire fighting has changed over the years.

“It was good because I got to try on the uniform, and it was my birthday!” said Beau. 

“I liked going to the fire station,” said Ben. Tyler got to try on the mask.


“I liked it in the fire engine. I want to be a fireman when I grow up,” said Sonny.



“I had a great time. Fireman Chris told us about some of the firemen having 2 jobs and when the watch goes off, they have 4 minutes to get to the fire engine out,” said Chloe


What a great morning out!