Year 2 Program and Build Their Own Race Cars!

Mr Woolcock

This week Classes 5 and 6 have been exploring the possibilities of building and controlling their own Lego creations with our new Lego WeDo 2.0 robotic packs.

For their first session with this new technology the classes were challenged to build their own race cars, write the appropriate code using iPads and then take the models outside for a high-thrills drag race between their friends.  Working in pairs, the excitement was evident from every child in the room, all racing to complete and program their creations first.

Despite only having a short time to refine their code, the children were able to make their robotic cars drive forwards and backwards (sometimes unintentionally!), play music and even flash their racing lights to different colours to throw off the competition!  The teamwork paid off and the final race with Class 6 proved a fun and thrilling finale to the sessions.

The winning teams all modified their code to enhance the speed of the motors, as well as considering which size gears would result in a faster performance.  We can’t wait to use the Lego WeDo more in our lessons and really focus on coding some incredible robotic creations this term!