Perfect Pancakes in Reception

Mr Doyle

Class 1 and 2 had a great time celebrating Shrove Tuesday. The children learnt all about why we traditionally eat pancakes before the start of lent and how it relates to the Christian religion.

We have pancake day so we can use up all the things in our cupboards we can’t eat for 40 days – Hazel.

Before making the pancakes, we thought about what ingredients we needed and how to make them. We wrote some instructions on how to make a pancake to help us make perfect pancakes.

Its pancake day today, we eat lots of pancakes. I have butter and jam on them. Mummy makes them with eggs and sugar and flour and milk – Safi

Next we had a go at measuring out the ingredients and mixing them together to make the batter. After they were cooked we added sugar and lemon juice and tucked in.

They are yummy, I love pancakes – Alex.

I like blueberries on mine – Harvey

Finally, there was enough batter left over to make one final pancake for flipping. The children found it hilarious when it occasionally ended up either on their shoulders, on their knees, in the book corner or on the floor!

My Mummy made pancakes and when she flipped it, it landed on the floor – Phoebe.