Reception Go Wild!

Mr Doyle

Both Reception classes were lucky enough to have a hands on experience with some of dinosaur’s closest relatives. Marks Ark came in and taught the children all about fossils, dinosaurs and how there are still some animals alive today that were around back then.

Fossils are animals that are underground and have lived in hard rocks – Harry.

Mark explained that animals eat lots of different types of food and taught the children that meat eaters are carnivores, vegetarians are herbivores and those that eat both are omnivores.


A T-Rex is a carnivore, because they eat other dinosaurs – explained Caio.

Marks Ark provided the children with a fantastic opportunity to learn in a very engaging way. As Mark was explaining about different animals, the classes got to meet Terry the Tegu, Matilda the python, Pilot the turkey vulture and a millipede. We also got to watch mark feed Pilot.


Did you know that dinosaur comes from the Latin for “Terrible Lizard”?

I liked the lizard because at the back of his tail it was really bumpy – James

The dinosaurs died out because a meteorite hit planet earth – Ethan

I liked the snake because it was soft on the top and soft on the bottom – Lylie


I like the snake because it was really long – Felix


A fossil is dinosaur bones – Sabina