Lylie’s Amazing Half Term Diary!

Mr Doyle

During the half term break Lylie created an amazing diary all about the exciting events she got up to with her family during the week. In her diary, Lylie wrote all about the delicious cupcakes she made with her sister Gracey Grace, using chocolate chips and chocolate icing.

She then wrote about the bike ride she went on with her Nanny and also the football match she watched where her brother Jack score a goal!

I made this  diary for the whole class. I love how I made it. My favourite day was when Jack played football because he scored a goal and I cheered.

She wrote all about the delicious pancakes she had made and then she described how she went to the beach and collected shells and seaweed to make a fabulous beach collage at home.

I went to the beach to pick up real shells and real seaweed up so I could put it in this picture.

Finally Lylie told her diary all about how she walked her nanny’s dog Bilko and really enjoyed having her cousin Sienna over to her house.

We walked my nanny’s dog on the beach and with me and Nanny and my Grandpa and he is called Bilko and really big and his fur is all white.