Penpol Stars of the Week – 3rd February 2017

Mr Doyle

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 1 – Caitlyn

Caitlyn has been a super star this week. She has been trying really hard especially with her reading. Her sister Tilly has also been really supportive and has helped Caitlyn with her reading at home. Caitlyn is trying really hard I class ad is gaining in confidence to have a go. She is beginning to link sounds to letters and has a really good try at writing sentences. She has made fantastic progress and is trying really hard in class. Well done Caitlyn keep up the good work.

Miss Aspden.

Junior Star of the Week

Class 10 – Ben

Ben is a pleasure to teach, as he like most children, loves to learn. The weeks have passed where Ben has steadily made real pro but it is the work he has done this week that has really wowed me. Not only has he performed remarkably well in some very hard maths tests but he has also impressed me with his ability to teach other children in class. In the area he succeeds Ben has parted some of his knowledge to his peers and taught them things that they struggle with. This help in class is invaluable and very much appreciated and that is why Ben has been awarded the Junior Star of the week.

Mr Stanlake

Class Stars of the Week

Class 1 – Jenna

Jenna has been working really hard in school. She has grown in confidence massively and now loves to have a go at class activities. This week she has been speaking a lot more in class. Jenna will chat happily whilst engaging in craft activities and will now put her had up to have a go at answering questions. Her knowledge of numbers is fantastic and her reading is coming on really well too. Well-done Jenna fantastic effort.

Miss Aspden


Class 2 – Harrison

Over the past few weeks has seen Harrison make incredible steps within his learning. Harrison has shown great determination in trying to succeed in all aspects of school life. His is showing more independence and taking a more active role in class discussions and this week he has been putting his hand up more during lesson to answer questions. Great work Harrison.

Miss Simpson


Class 3 – Ellie

Ellie has had a fabulous week. She is now reading independently with confidence and on top of this is speaking up in class taking part in discussions. In P.E. she has been using physical skills of balancing and rolling during gymnastics. In mathematics she has been using he measuring equipment to give precise readings. To finish a brilliant week Ellie has got ten out of ten in her phonics play and was delighted.

Mrs Rodda


Class 4 – Morgan

Morgan is a really hard worker. He always listens and tries his best. I have been really impressed with Morgan’s maths this week doing super fast subtraction. Great work Morgan well done!

Miss Ryan


Class 5 – Oscar

Oscar has really started to try with his writing. He is concentrating and thinking about what he is doing and has written a lovely set of instructions, full of imaginative ideas, on where to go in Fairyland. Oscar is much more confident with answering questions and is much more willing to have a go. Well done Oscar keep up the great work.

Mrs Daniels


Class 6 – Tess

Tess is a friendly, helpful and caring young lady who always puts 100% effort into the work she produces. This week she has been working extremely hard on poetry and thinking of ideas that will help her to recite a selection of poems. The method that Tess used enabled her to recite her poen confidently and fluently in front of the class. Great work Tess! It is a pleasure listening to you read your poem so beautifylly.

Mrs Raffell


Class 7 – Rocky

Rocky is very focused when working on literacy and math’s – presenting a good level of work as well as excellent presentation. Rocky is always cheerful and keen to learn, putting lots of effort into finished pieces of work. Rocky is always very polite and is able to work well with others.

Mrs Jane


Class 8 – Ronnie

Ronnie has had a wonderful week. As always he is bursting with enthusiasm and energy. This week he has worked brilliantly with negative numbers, written a fabulous story and helped create a beautiful art display of St Michaels Mount. He is really keen on our local history topic and is already thinking ahead to next term and researching rocks and soils. Great work Ronnie!

Mrs Conners


Class 9 – Gabby

Gabby has an amazing imagination. She makes fantastic models relating to our topic work. Her written work is very creative and she tells and writes brilliant stories. She loves to read and whenever possible she will grab a few minutes to read a few more pages of her book. She listens carefully and works hard. Well-done Gabby keep up the good work.

Mrs Hamilton & Mrs Peck


Class 10 – Lilly

This week Lilly has really impressed me as she as she has persevered with aspects of maths that she has struggles with. It is great to see this hard work rewarded that has been the case with Lilly and her test scores this week. Lilly has taken her learning home this week and worked on the areas she has been struggling with and it is this attitude and desire to improve that has led her to being Class 10’s star of the week.

Mr Stanlake


Class 11 – Eva

Eva has completed a number of arithmetic tests recently and her scores are improving each time. She has worked very hard to learn new strategies and methods to solve problems. Eva is also doing extra work in her spelling at home and her scores here are also improving. She adopts a mature and hard working attitude at all times and is a very good example to those around her.

Mr Little


Class 12 – Henry

Henry is being awarded star of the week because he quietly goes about his work in a calm and methodical way with never any fuss. He is always kind and helpful to everyone around him and he makes learning in class 12 a whole lot of fun. Well-done Henry.

Mr Wise


Class 13 – Tilly

Tilly always works hard. She is always friendly, helpful and has a really mature attitude. Tilly is a great role model for others both in year 6 and the younger years. This week she has shown great independent learning by practicing and revising for maths and spelling, grammar and punctuation producing great results. Well-done Tilly.

Mr Pollard