Class 1 Create Their Own Class Book

Mr Doyle


Class 1 children have had a great time writing their own class book. They have remade their own version of the classic Dear Zoo and have thought up some interesting and imaginative ideas. The children thought of an animal and came up with some fabulous descriptive words for why they had to send their animal back to the zoo.

“My snake was too fierce, so I sent him back.” Imogen


“My tiger was too grumpy, so I sent him back.” Alex


“My cheetah was too nosey, so I sent him back.” Penny


“My skunk was too smelly, so I sent him back.” Louis


“My penguin was too hungry, so I sent him back.” Amelia C



The children have really taken ownership of their book. They drew a picture of their animal then really enjoyed learning how to flood fill them on the computer. Next they investigated what type of habitat their animal may live in to help them to draw their backgrounds using oil pastels.


The children loved being photographed with their illustrations, especially when they saw themselves either on their animals back, holding hands with their animal or swimming with them.

“I love my first book because I wanted to make it and I just love my own book.” Lylie


“I love it because I want to read it.” Phoebe


“I love it because there are lots of lovely animals.” Ethan


“I love my Dear Zoo book because I’m making it for the whole school.” Miles


“I like my book because I love it.” Nikita