Penpol Stars of the Week – 20th January 2017

Mr Doyle

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 5 – Tilly

Tilly has been chosen because she is always incredibly well behaved and hard working. In fact she is also a fantastic pupil who always trying her best in every subject. She listens well and will always join in with class activities. Tilly settles to her work quickly and thinks about what she has to do achieving a high standard in her maths and literacy work. Well-done Tilly.

Mrs Daniel

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 8 – Harrison

Harrison always tries hard in every aspect of his school life and is a thoughtful and kind member of the class. In story writing this week Harrison has worked really hard. Also, he has made excellent progress with his times tables. Harrison sets a great example to all around hi in all aspects of his learning. Well-done Harrison!

Mrs Connors

Class Stars of the Week


Class 1 – James

James had been working really hard this week. He has improved massively with his writing and is doing really well with writing his letter sounds. James really excels at his personal, social and emotional skills. He is a very kind friend to everyone in class. Well done for being so amazing James!

Miss Aspden


Class 2 – Jasmine

Jasmine has excelled in her reading and writing this week. She has shown great determination and effort in each aspect of our Literacy work, which is especially exciting in Class 2. Jasmine is beginning to write sentences independently and growing in confidence. We are very proud her achievements. Well done Jasmine, I am very proud of you!

Miss Simpson


Class 3 – Martynas

Martynas as demonstrated and determined and excellent effort  in all subjects this week including reading and writing. Martynas also excelled in mathematics this week and he became joint top performer in the class. He is able to count in tens to 1000 and record it with no help. Amazing work this week Martynas!

Mrs Rodda


Class 4 – Sonny

Sonny has been working really hard this week. He is becoming a lot more independent in his writing and is sounding out words rather than relying on an adult. He is also doing really well in his weekly spelling tests. Well done Sonny. Keep up the hard work.

Mrs Ryan


Class 5 – Icarus 

Icarus really worked hard and excelled in mathematics this week. Our topic has been making different amounts of money. Icarus has proved he knows his coins by making more complicated amounts during his lesson and was able to show and help his friends with their work too. Well done Icarus, great work this week.

Mrs Daniel


Class 6 – Summer

Summer is a happy, friendly and sensible young lady who always goes out of her way to help others. This week Summer has shown great perseverance with her learning and through her positive attitude, was able to understand and write a set of instructions for ‘Fairly Land.’ Summer always tries her very best and is a perfect role model around the school. Well done Summer!

Mrs Ruffell


Class 7 – Clarissa

Clarissa has settled in really well to life at Penpol School. She has easily made new friends and has been working hard to produce an acceptable standard for work in reading, literacy and mathematics. Very well done Clarissa.

Mrs Jane


Class 8 – Jake

This week Jake has worked incredibly hard in all aspects of his schoolwork. At home he studies very tricky spellings with enthusiasm and diligence and was a joint winner of Class 8’s recent spelling bee. Jake takes on board advice given by his teachers and this helps him improve his work and perform to the best of his ability.

Mrs Connors and Miss Nidds


Class 9 – Freya

Freya loves to learn. She often brings in extra work from home relevant to our topic work. Freya works well with other children and listens carefully to their views when working in small groups. This week she has written a lovely story about a dragon. Well done Freya, keep up the good work.

Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Peck


Class 10 – Will

Will is one of the most sensible children in Class 10 and has continued to demonstrate that characteristic this week by being responsible for looking after our pet hamster. Will has also displayed real confidence in mathematics this week when measuring and calculating area and perimeter of compound and composite shapes. Keep up the good work Will and well done.

Mr Stanlake


Class 11 – Aiden

Aidan has had a very good week! He has written an opening paragraph describing the settings of our two narrative poems, ‘The Pied Piper’ and ‘The Highway Man’. He also completed a sheet on using commas to help with meaning. Aidan has achieved full marks in all our work on perimeters or shapes and he completed a great piece of work on Henry VIII with a brilliant illustration to go with his write up. Great work Aidan!

Mr Little


Class 12  – Haydn

Haydn has had a fantastic week as usual. He has worked extremely hard at all areas of his work, writing, amazing figurative poetry and scoring a whopping 86% on his grammar test. He is always, bright and cheerful and a real inspiration to everyone in the class. Well done Haydn!

Mr Wise


Class 13 – Ethan

As always, Ethan has worked hard in every subject, excelling in every topic encountered this week. He is quick to help others and has recently created some super figurative language to describe a scene. Top work Ethan!

Mr Pollard