KS1 begin their Coding Challenge

This week Year 1 and Year 2 have all begun their adventure into the world of coding, using some fantastic online resources and lots of brain cells.  This marks the start of their journey into understanding how computers work, designing programs to run on them and developing a sense of confidence with the technology that surrounds us.

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Starting with logical sequencing and basic algorithms, Year 1 + 2 have already started writing code to control ‘Angry Birds’ and have solved complex puzzles by correctly ordering blocks.  We’ve even begun to discuss the concept of algorithms (and talked about making sandwiches a lot!).


Over the next half term the children will be developing their knowledge of coding further and creating some exciting and engaging programs on the computers.

If any parents would like to learn more about coding themselves, or to follow along with what the children are doing in class, then the website www.code.org is well worth a look.

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