Penpol Stars of the Week – 13th January 2017

Mr Doyle

Overall Infant Star of the week


Class 4 – Beau

Beaus has had a fantastic week. He has returned to school, since the holidays with a super ‘I can do it’ attitude. It is lovely to see him grown in confidence and show a sense of pride in his work. Beau was telling me that he has some new years resolutions and that one of them is to learn his spellings every week. It certainly seems to be working as he got the all right this week and was very pleased with his certificate. Beau’s writing this week about Little Red riding Hood was very good and he is becoming more independent – a fantastic improvement. Well-done Beau for all your hard work this week. I am delighted that you are overall infant start of the week.

Overall Junior Star of the week


Class 7 – Amber

Amber is always so keen and enthusiastic and consistently works hard to produce work of a high standard. Amber is a helpful member of the class who clearly enjoys school life and who readily partakes in classroom discussions as well as producing some excellent homework. Amber is thoughtful and works well in a team situation and always takes that little step further, so very well done Amber!

House totals

Class Stars of the Week


Class 1 – James

James has shown fantastic speaking and listening skills this week. He is always eager in class and has amazing knowledge and understanding of the world. He Knowledgably answered many of the questions that Mark asked during the Mark’s Ark visit and is already on target to reach his early learning goals in this area. Super start James keep up the hard work!


Class 2 Dolores

Dolores is always amazing us with incredible models she makes at home. She works really hard with her mum and dad producing incredible homework. Some of her homework has included models of a microphone, robots and some stunning collages. This week has seen Dolores really focus on her writing, something, which she has found difficult. She has shown a positive attitude in improving her writing and continues to work hard at home. Dolores is also extremely polite with wonderful manners and is always smiling. It is lovely to have her in Class 2.


Class 3 Liliana

I have chosen Liliana as class 3 star of the week because she always pays attention and answers questions with confidence. For example, ‘trampoline’ was her contribution in phonics for the ‘tr’ sound. Her reading and spelling is a good average for her age. She has excellent ideas for dance and art. She joins in with enthusiasm during wake and shake and comes to school with a smile.


Class 4 Thai

Thai has shown good listening skills this week and has been focused on his work. This has shown as Thai has been putting his hand up to answer lots of questions and been giving 100% to all class activities. Well-done Thai. Keep up the good work.


Class 5 Solomon

Solomon is really enjoying our history topic on The Titanic. He has brought in a book from hoe and made an incredible model of The Titanic cruise ship complete with funnels and lifeboats! He has also been working really hard at his schoolwork improving his handwriting and fluency in reading. Well-done Solomon!


Class 6 Freddie

Freddie is a polite and helpful member of class. This week Freddie has shown great determination in his learning, whilst identifying how we measure in cm’s and m’s. Freddie persevered throughout the entire week, and through great listening and communication completed a number of tasks correctly. Well-done Freddie. I am very proud of you.


Class 7 Harry

Harry has worked hard to present his work neatly and works quietly and conscientiously to complete any given work. Harry is a quiet member of the class, who readily partakes in school life and has worked hard to improve his literacy and his math’s skills since the beginning of the school year. So very well done!


Class 8 Morris

Morris worked extremely hard this week. He has made fantastic progress with his spellings and gives 100% effort in everything. He is always kind to his friends and his generous nature is evident in every aspect of his school life.


Class 9 Lowenna

Lowenna works really hard. Just before Christmas she won our class competition to find out who knew the most capital cities in European countries. She knew 43! She learns her spellings carefully every week and at the moment she is in the lead for speed tables in the class. Already this term she has completed independent research on the Anglo Saxons and bakes some Anglo Saxon style biscuits. Thank you Lowenna well done.


Class 10 Caisey

It has been a great pleasure to see Caisey overcome some of her fears this week as it has allowed her to gain a huge amount of confidence. Caisey-Ann always gives 100% and that was clear to see this week when we went swimming. Caisey-Ann has developed confidence in the water that has allowed her to plunge into the pool and trust her swimming ability.



Class 11 Juliette

Juliette has made a great start to 2017 especially in math’s where she has just scored an impressive 27 out of 32 in our arithmetic paper – improving considerably on her first score. She has made a good start to her literacy work on narrative poetry and is now working on an opening paragraph that sets the scene in the Pied Pier of Hamelin. Juliette has also worked hard at home with her math’s homework and continues to impress in all creative areas. Juliette you have had an excellent week.


Class 12 Maia

Maia is a breath of fresh air. She has been chosen as star of the week because of her fantastic positive attitude, which sets a brilliant example to everyone around her. I don’t think I have ever seen Maia without a smile on her face and I think I never will. Well-done Maia!


Class 13 Jowan

Jowan is just a genuinely all-round good guy. He has a great attitude towards work and is always on hand to help others. He is a good friend to others and has all the qualities to go far in life. Jowan has worked really hard this week with his group of and grasped the concept of creative writing and produced some wonderful writing.