You know it’s almost Christmas when the donkeys arrive at Penpol School!

Mr Woolcock

img_9162Our first visit was in 2009, when one of our governors asked if we would be interested in a visit from some donkeys from the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth. Naturally we said yes! We asked the children to bring in donations of apples and carrots which could be taken back to share with the other donkeys at the sanctuary. The response was brilliant and we sent back several boxes of apples and carrots. The children all went out to visit the donkeys and learn a bit about them and the work of the sanctuary.

Who would have thought that seven years later the donkeys would still be coming, and is now firmly part of Penpol tradition.


This year we were visited by Pooh and Paddy, who were very happy to eat the lovely green grass and stretch their legs at the bottom of the school field. Once again we had a great response with donations of apples and carrots. We asked if the children might also bring in a small donation of 50p children from Class 3, dressed as donkeys went around the classes to collect the money and we were delighted to be able to give the sanctuary a cheque for £100.

The volunteers from the sanctuary say they love visiting us and that the children are always very well behaved.

Our continued thanks to parents for supporting us.

Click here to go to The Donkey Sanctuary