Class 6 Have Special Visitors

Mrs Ruffell

To coincide with this terms science lesson, ‘Animal including Humans’ Class 6 had some very special visitors into their class room.

Mark’s Ark came into their class and brought with him a selection of very interesting animals. Through this visit the children learnt how animals use their senses to stay alive, where they originate from and which animals are cold or warm blooded. The children even got to handle the animals and even those, who were scared to start with showed great bravery by happily having the snake placed around their necks.



I really liked the lizard and feeling its skin – Isla


I enjoyed looking at the furry spider and seeing that it also had furry legs – Isabella


The snake was amazing and I really enjoyed having it laid across my lap.


At first I was really scared of the snake but I ended up having it around my neck – Jonas


Thinking – All children had to think about their own senses and how these are very similar to all animals. They also had to think about how animals survive in the wild the importance of how camouflage helps to protect them.

Mrs Ruffell – Class 6