Penpol Stars of the Week – 2nd December 2016

Mr Doyle

Over-all Infant Star of the Week 


Class 1 – Miles

Miles has been chosen as the Infant Star of the Week because he has done fantastically well this week in lots of different areas. To begin with, I am delighted with his wonderful writing. His letter formation has improved massively and because of his hard work and determination he is forming his letters beautifully.

Miles has been working very hard with his numbers and is well on his way to achieving his Early Learning Goals. He has amazing Speaking and Listening skills and his story telling is very detailed and entertainingly funny.

I am so proud of all his efforts. Well done Miles and keep up the hard work!

Miss Aspden


Over-all Junior Star of the Week


Class 12 –  Chloe

Chloe is a quiet young lady who just gets on with things without making any fuss. She constantly wants to help people and never complains when ask to anything. When doing her work, she is focused on every task and complets all activities to the best of her ability. Her manners are impeccable both to adults and all pupil in the school. In fact, on many occasions she has been seen holding the door open for her classmates. At the end of a lesson she always tidies up after everyone and keeps the class tidy in her own time. She’s a really fantastic role model and a wonderful Penpol citizen. Well done Chloe and thank you for all you hard work and being such a shining example to all your class mates.

Mr Wise


Class Stars of the Week


Class 1 – Amelia

Amelia has had a fantastic week. During the literacy lesson she was matching words to pictures and read many CVC words. She blended the sounds together and even helped another child to segment then blend the word. During our writing this week, Amelia wrote some fantastic words beginning with an ‘f’ using the correct letter formation. Amelia has been really kind to her friends this week and has enjoyed playing with a wide circle of friends. She is kind and helpful. Well done Amelia, great week.

Miss Aspden


Class 2 – Charlie

Charlie has made outstanding progress within his phonics. He has been working really hard with Mrs Robinson practicing his blending and segmenting.   Charlie is now beginning to read some CVC words and really using his robot arms! Keep it up Charlie!

Miss Simpson


Class 3 – Abigail

Abigail has been practising her singing for the Christmas play and has learnt all her words and is singing them beautifully. This week she has also drawn her own Christmas picture of the birth of baby Jesus with fabulous detail and is now colouring it in with the hopes of making the design into a Christmas card to take home to mom and dad. Abigail is also producing some beautiful handwriting, she takes her time with her letter formation and it is shown with the fabulous work in her literacy book. Abilgails has had a fantastic week. Well done!

Mrs Rodda


Class 4 – Bebe

Bebe has learnt all the words to the Christmas play songs. She sings beautifully and with enthusiasm. She is a fantastic listener and is always eager to answer questions. She has done particularly well in maths this week, improving her counting skills. Well done Bebe!

Mrs Ryan


Class 5 – Rhys

Rhys is an all round superstar but this week he has been particularly amazing. He has been working very hard and produced some lovely writing in his English work. He has even written his own story at home complete with perfect punctuation. Well done Rhys!

Mrs Daniel


Class 6 – Finn

Finn is a very caring young boy who is always eager to help out around the classroom. He is always very polite and demonstrates good manners throughout the day. Finn always undertakes new challenges with a positive attitude and takes great care with his work. He has made good progress with his reading and it always happy to complete learning tasks at home. Well done Finn.

Mrs Ruffell


Class 7 – Jessica

Jessica is very polite and most helpful. She always gives 100% effort into her work. She has produced some excellent artwork spending two hours at home making a wonderful collage of a snowman using crepe and tissue paper. This has made and excellent display for the classroom and it looks wonderful on the wall for all to see. Lovely work Jessica.

Mrs Jane


Class 8 – Ollie

It has been such a pleasure watching Ollie blossom this week. He has taken on board Accelerator Reader and this is evident in how well he has performed in his tests. Ollie loves science and his enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. He has done some brilliant work distinguishing between acute and obtuse angles in geometry. Ollie really enjoyed the Year 3 and Year 4 Art Day working well in a team and creating some lovely work.

Mrs Connors


Class 9 – Sam

Sam has made big improvements in reading, metal arithmetic and spellings. He always works hard, trying his best at all times. He listens carefully to adults and children alike making him a popular member of the class. Well done Sam you have worked really hard all term. You have a great attitude towards your schoolwork and friends and this is a well deserved award.

Mrs Hamilton & Mrs Peck


Class 10 – Phoenix

Class 10’s star of the week goes to Phoenix Barnett. Phoenix has a fantastic attitude towards both school and life. He has set a wonderful example for all children this week and he has overcome personal goals. I am very proud of what he has achieved. Long may that continue.

Mr Stanlake


Class 11 – Caden

Caden has worked very hard this week in Literacy. He has completed his sentences on relative pronouns and shown a good understanding of our maths work on angles. Caden has shown a committed approach to our Accelerated Reader scheme. Everyday he gets his book out and reads with total concentration. He is working his way through the levels and his is almost a free reader. A fantastic effort and well done Caden!

Mr Little


Class 12 – Bray

Bray has had an exceptional few weeks. He has decided to make his handwriting one of the best in the class and he has certainly managed to do that. He has been working very hard, often in his own time and his handwriting has improved beyond belief. In fact, Mr Wise would now be happy to have handwriting as neat as Bray’s. Well done Bray, what a fantastic achievement!

Mr Wise


Class 13 – Jowan

Jowan is always so accommodating and helpful. There is always a smile when he is asked to do something. In fact, he quite often offers his services before being asked. Jowan is particularly generous and a great example of this is the way he often gives up his lunchtime to help with the smooth running of the school dinners. He helps the younger children to cut up their food and fill their drinks. Thank you Jowan for being so kind and helpful.

Mr Pollard