Year 3 & 4 Art Day – Winter Printing

Mr Woolcock

This week at Penpol School, the Year 3 and Year 4 pupils enjoyed an exciting and creative ‘Winter Art’ day.

Working in their house teams, the children rotated through a morning of different workshops, learning about various printing techniques and practical skills.

In ICT, Mr Woolcock helped the children design their own winter wrapping paper.


I thought the ICT was a fabulous lesson – Ollie

Mrs Jane helped the children to design a card using block print and Mrs Peck used hand printing to create a Christmas tree.

Beau thought it was an outstanding day and really enjoyed getting his hands messy making the giant tree.


Mrs Connors worked on a huge mural of finger printed robins which the children loved.


The day was really good fun. I loved making the robins because it made me think of the thousands of birds that migrate every year and how special how they are – Gabrielle

I loved everything. In every class I visited, I thought YES I want to do this. I loved designing my wrapping paper. We should have more days like this – Jacob