Amazing homework from Class 2

Mr Doyle


Ada has been really busy at home creating lots of wonderful pictures. Working with her parents, she has drawn and painted a stunning picture of St Ives. Ada was also able to talk about the basking shark that was hiding in the sea. Following on from Class 2’s “Weather and Seasons” topic, Ada has also created a lovely rainbow picture.



Class 2 have been learning all about the different seasons and Dolores has constructed an Autumnal tree. Dolores collected some fallen leaves and used a kitchen roll to create her fantastic tree. If you look closely there is an owl hiding the tree.



Charlie got very creative at home and made a superb junk model robot using old cereal boxes. He has been practising his cutting skills both at school and at home. Charlie was able to talk about how he made his robot

I got the boxes and with Mummy we stuck it together with lots of tape. – Charlie



Class 2 has been looking closely at the weather and seasons throughout the year. Flora has created a lovely picture showing the different weather symbols she learnt about in class.

I drew a rainbow, a raincloud with rain coming out. There’s the moon and sunshine. I also did some lightening. Did you know lightening is very loud? – Flora.



Bruce has been busy collecting autumn leaves. Over a weekend Bruce collected autumnal leaves and cleverly created a hedgehog. Class 2 have been studying autumn leaves and looking at the different colours.

I did some colouring to draw his nose and I did some spiky leaves for his body. I picked the leaves off the floor. – Bruce