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Penpol School Sub Committees



The fundamental role of the Governors is to work closely with the Headteacher and staff, helping to provide a strategic overview, act as a critical friend to the school and ensure accountability. To make certain that all key aspects are considered and the Governors legal duties are adhered to, the main Governing Body has been coordinated into three sub committees, with each group playing a specific role as outlined below:












Personal Development,


Behaviour & Welfare





Learning and Progress


Special Educational Needs and
















Leadership & Management







Central Record


Safe Recruiting


Statutory Requirements


Site Management


Health & Safety


Site Management




Pay & Performance





The Quality of Teaching and




Teaching & Learning




Meeting pupils needs


Care, guidance and support



The sub committees meet jointly throughout the year to scrutinise and evaluate each of their key areas. This includes:


  • Updating and testing policies;


  • Ensuring that statutory requirements are in place and being implemented;


  • Going on a ‘Learning Walk’ during the school day to meet both staff and pupils and use the opportunity to further investigate key areas and make observations to support evaluations.


  • Feeding back any findings or areas for development during full Governors meetings and noting any areas to be included in the School Improvement Plan (SIP).